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Thread: nurbs problem??

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    Default nurbs problem??

    hello people!

    i have the following problem with nurbs...

    i try to make a tensile architectural structure with nurbs surface tools.
    i make some cv curves and then i use U loft to make the surface.
    The problem is that the surface is one sided..i press flip normals so i can see the surface but when i go to the back side of the surface there is no surface !! this is a major problem cause i want to show not only the structure from outside but also the interior environment!!
    the problem also appears with cross section and surface modifier..

    another question is if it is better to use U loft or UV loft for the tensile structure..(or what is the best way to make a tensile structure with nurbs??)

    please help!!!

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    Default Re: nurbs problem??

    hi....all .....iam eng.tamer bader from jordan ....i am realy overwhelmed about this wonderful site .

    i just wanna say something about the nurb problem :

    source : a specialized book in 3ds max5

    follow these steps
    1- right click on the top left of the 3ds max screen ....configure ...force 2 sided
    2- rendering parameters f10 : nurbs is working very well with (active shade)
    and don't forget to check (force 2 sided ) too . then render

    3- use multi sub object all the time conjunction with nurbs modelling ( just if u wanna assign materials )

    those 3 streps are extremely improtant ...

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