I built (3) Quad Core 2.4 Ghz Systems for my 3D Design group this week. They rock. The intent was to enable them to be able to utilize the distributed rendering capability within V-Ray and assign affinity for (3) cores of each system to a particular render and allow the primary core of each system to remain untouched for the local user to continue to use photoshop, autocad and other applications.

I figured out how to build a MaxScript to enable V-Ray as the Current Renderer and assign the renderers.current.system_numThreads= to a specific number of buckets on startup.

However I have discovered an issue:

The setting: renderers.current.system_numThreads= is reset to 0 whenever a new scene is opened.

Any sugestions on how to set a script to run with every new scene?

Thx in advance.