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Thread: Vray Caustics pool water

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    Default Vray Caustics pool water

    I just spent the whole week learning reactor and Glue3D to simulate water movement when the client requires caustics instead of fluid water ripples.

    Ive never really touched caustics in vray so im a little stumped.

    I can create caustics (after going through this site and the attached tuts) but im still wondering how to create a pool with caustics.

    My Scene:
    A logo is at the bottom of the pool while the caustics and water movement distort the logo. The camera is top down looking into the pool and at the logo.

    - Ive gone here ( and generated caustics but im not sure how to implement the .ifl sequence.

    - Another thing Ive tried is animating water, but unfortunately i don't get the crisp caustics im after.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

    EDIT: im looking for something like this:
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    Default Re: Vray Caustics pool water

    Try the simplest method: turn on caustics, light your scene with a VRaySun (I'm assuming it's an exterior shot) and make sure the Photon Emit Radius has the pool inside it. It's really simple, you don't have to touch anything else. Of course, for more complex stuff, there's a bunch of really cool techniques you can find. Try a quick search on Chaos's forum.
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