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Thread: Video Streaming Advice (Hour long video)

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    Default Video Streaming Advice (Hour long video)

    We recently recorded an hour long seminar and I've been asked to look into posting it on our website. This is a field I've spent absolutely zero amount of time on in my career. Would anyone be willing to shed some light on the idea as to the best direction and methods to research to accomplish this.

    I'm also wondering if an hour long video is too much to be posted and if it needs to be chopped down, or if it's done by streaming, it the length won't matter.

    thanks in advance! -bk

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    Default Re: Video Streaming Advice (Hour long video)

    Call me if you like 403-410-5911 or 403-680-4907. I've spent hundreds of hours researching about anything and everything you could ever want to know about online video streaming.

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