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Thread: 3DS Max to sketchup

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    Default 3DS Max to sketchup

    Since google knows only the answer to the opposite way...
    Iīm trying to import a simple animation from 3DS Max into Sketchup.
    The reason for this is, that i like the sketchup styles and thought it might be easier to just render those out, than trying to achieve a similar look in after effects.
    Is there a direct way to import an animation from 3DS max into sketchup?
    or do i have to import the model and animate it in Sketchup?
    The problem is, that i want to fade from the sketchup-look to a photorealistic render with mental ray, so it has to be exactly the same...
    Any ideas?
    So far i couldnīt even import as .3DS because all objects were in the wrong place after importing...

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    Default Re: 3DS Max to sketchup

    Hi Samuel,
    I don't think you can import animation data into Sketchup. If you are creating a walkthrough of some kind, you will probably need to set up your own pages/scene views in Sketchup itself - there are no camera objects in there that I know of. In our office, we have generated a simple animation file from page transitions - so it does work.

    I have had the same problem with objects moving to differnt locations also. You can fix it by getting the offending geometry and do a "convert to poly" from the quad menu. Alternatively you could try exporting out to DWG instead.

    Hope this helps

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