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Thread: Vray RHINO Interior PROBLEM!!!

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    Exclamation Vray RHINO Interior PROBLEM!!!


    I have a big problem that I can't get rid of very visible artifacts in my interior scene although I am already using high render settings. (see screenshots below). It's a scene of a big room with some windows. I am using Vray's sun system. Therefore everything works. To get better shadows I also have rectangular lights set as light portals outside of every window.
    I am also using the physical camera with a withbalance color.
    Indirect Illumination methodes are Irridiance Map + Light Cache (both on higher settings.)
    Nevertheless the rendering comes out pretty un-smooth. How do I increase the quality? Do the settings of the light when set to light portal have any effect on the scene? Or is this only a matter of render settings? Do I need to increase a parameter with the sun?

    For reference please see attached pictures (render output, sun settings, vray render settings)

    Please help. Thank you so much.

    vray settings.jpgrhino.jpgrender.jpg

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    The settings is good enough.
    These artifacts usually caused due lack of light.
    experiment this by adjusting the sun through the windows and render from the same angel.
    increase the iso of your camera, the render is very dark.

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    Default Re: Vray RHINO Interior PROBLEM!!!

    Those settings are not good at all...
    F Stop=8
    Shutter speed= 1100
    All that equals approximately an EV of 16 which would be used to capture and illumination 0f 16000 Foot Candles!

    A Physical Camera must be used in a Physical manner...
    For example, Vray in Max Physical Cameras start by default with ISO=100, Fs=8 and SS=200. Those settings are a good starting
    point for an Exterior scene in broad Daylight.

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    Default Re: Vray RHINO Interior PROBLEM!!!

    I agree, something looks wrong in your rendering. Check and verify that you use explicitly Vray materials for all your objects. Using standard rhino matrial gets wrong especially with indirect lighting. Do you use Matrial by layer? To be sure I would use the option Matrial by plugin, alternatively assign selected Vraymaterial from matrialeditor directly to selected objects. If You use physical workflow, covono is right everything must be physically correct. An expected value for shutterspeed would be 4 or 8 (1/4 sec, 1/8 sec). Lights:
    Sun is completely horizontal: check properties->modify->sun position turn to some angle or turn off manual to set by location. If you use lightportals, it is like an arealight in front of the window which gets its illumination from the environment. make sure in your physical workflow you use the skylight texture in the environment GI and Background slot. select your sun as sunlight source otherwise the default rhino light might be used what you dont want. Turn down shadow subdivs to 8 or 4 for your previews. 60 is even for final render pretty much. what are the omni lights for? turn them off if you dont need them.

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