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Thread: View port playing up in shaded mode

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    Default View port playing up in shaded mode


    I use rhino to do the majority of my models, then export as DWGs into MAX 2012, I was generating some view port grabs for comment at work, but some objects either don't appear in the scene or appear through other objects, and it constantly changes what is visible when slight movements to the camera are made.

    Is this just a bug , or is it just because its a foreign model made in the another 3d programme, or could it be my graphics card.

    which is a ATI Firepro V7800 (fire GL)

    anyone else experience this with MAX 2012?

    Thanks for any replies.


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    Default Re: View port playing up in shaded mode

    If you're using Nitrous as your viewport display mode that might be the problem. When I initially started seeing this problem in MAX 2011 I found that adding a modifier to all of the objects in the scene, such as edit mesh, made them appear in the viewport. Eventually I just reverted back to Direct3D which solved all of my Nitrous related issues.


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    Default Re: View port playing up in shaded mode

    I have had this problem due to objects being too far from the origin or just too large due to incorrect units setup. In one case I had a spline that had a massively long beizier handle. Problems like this can happen when importing CAD drawings etc.
    Try doing a window select of the objects you want and doing a selective save as, and open the resulting file. Also check units and how large the objects are

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