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Thread: Photography skills in Architectural Visualization

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    Post Photography skills in Architectural Visualization

    Hi All,
    I have been doing some research in Architectural Visualization for my research paper. I have heard that Photography Skill and understanding about camera angle are also important for an Architectural Visualizer. So, I am trying to do some theory research and tutorials from sources like books and online but I am struggling to find them.
    Could anyone please suggest me the best way to study to gain the above skills and any recommended books or journals?

    Many thanks


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    I find that there's a back and forth between rendering and photography, where doing each one improves your ability in the other.

    Personally, I took up photography a few years ago after working as a renderer for quite some time. Having used 3D cameras with real physical camera settings, I found it pretty easy to use a digital SLR in full manual mode.

    I also think that in terms of image composition, there's a complementary relationship between using virtual and physical cameras.

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    Default Re: Photography skills in Architectural Visualization

    Hello, search aurea Proportion in architecture

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    Default Re: Photography skills in Architectural Visualization

    Photography and Visualization are essentially the same skill in terms of the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the field. Texturing, modeling, rendering are for the most part all technical aspects and the only things that separate photography from CG. Post work in photoshop, composition, subject matter and lighting are what separates an average image from an exceptional one. Any book what covers these topics either in 3d, photography or traditional media (paint, drawing etc) all apply. If you throw filmaking into the mix, then any book covering cinematography and story telling would apply.

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