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Thread: Advice needed - reducing poly count for linked FBX file

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    Default Advice needed - reducing poly count for linked FBX file

    I have a large model created and continually being updated by the architects I am working with. For this reason, they are exporting their Revit files to fbx and I have it linked to my Max file. I am not linking the Revit file directly because they are only doing the interior space, which is what's in the Revit file, but the fbx includes other details outside of their scope, but is part of mine.

    Problem is, the max file now has over 13M Poly's and is become very difficult to work with. This is without any vegitation, or other typical high poly elements.

    Is anyone experienced with working with linked FBX files and overcoming this problem?

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    Default Re: Advice needed - reducing poly count for linked FBX file

    How many of the 13 million polys are you actually using? When I link Revit files in Max, I link directly to the Revit but it's the same for FBX's, I make sure I turn off all objects in Revit that I don't need. Revit vomit imports everything, and often you don't use 90% of what it gives you.

    The only way is to make sure you are only using the objects you need in Revit, you can control this by creating a 3D view and hiding/clipping things you don't need.
    Scott S.

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    Default Re: Advice needed - reducing poly count for linked FBX file

    Agreed, its best to turn off everything you dont need in Revit first,

    Other than that, if you set the display mode in Revit to low it simplifies alot of the geometry, ie doors and windows dont have architraves.

    FBX also adds way more pollies to curved surfaces like round columns, where as DWG doesn't. Try linking a DWG and compare the polly count to the FBX.


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