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    Default need your opinion

    i'm a beginner to rendering, please give me your opinion how good (or bad) is it, the negative points, and anything else needs fixing.
    please I need your help, my presentations needs to be better
    with lots of thanks
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    Default Re: need your opinion

    A couple of things that jump out at me are:

    - is the scale accurate in your image? It could be, but something seems off about the size of the couches.
    - The general saturation of your image and each color individually is too much. Reality had its bold colors, but these are very CG
    - There feels like too much light in the room. With no lights on the ceiling to generate light, there should only feel like light from the window. You can use interior lights to balance, but the overall lighting a bit, but it should appear like there are lights behind your camera. This could also just be a matter of adding a heavy contrast to the left side your image in PS.
    -Lastly, I would say to consider details in the extreme. The more you add the less you will need to do to make it look "real" in PS. It would be simple color correction and some FX. By this I mean fill out the shelf on the wall. People usually decorate with more than 2 couches and a rug. Add a coffee table and a console table behind the couch. a lamp, artwork, curtains or blinds, books, TV, candles, baseboards, etc...

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    Default Re: need your opinion

    The scale of the brick is throwing everything off. Brick, in reality, is much smaller than you are showing. 3 courses of standard brick plus mortar is roughly 8" high. Assuming your ceiling is your typical 8 feet high, you would have 36 courses of brick. Right now, you are only showing about 28.

    Mostly I would tell you exactly what Corey as already mentioned. What sells the image as real is the details. Such as baseboards, any interior space will have some sort of trim along the bottom where the walls meet the floor, with the exception of maybe your brick wall. But you can also put some baseboard along there if you want, it's done in the real world.
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    Default Re: need your opinion

    As above and i might add
    -work on your materials (experiment with materials is the only way to learn)
    -add details, more decoration and respect how a decoratior/designer would do the layout
    -it is too clean wich gives it that CG look
    good luck

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