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Thread: All viewports go to sleep after a long render

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    Default All viewports go to sleep after a long render


    Whenever I leave my computer for a long time to render, after the render the viewports seem to shut down. I've tried 'redraw viewports' but this does nothing.

    It's a pain because I might need to re-render a small section and have to shut down max and open it again, losing the info in the max frame buffer.


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    Default Re: All viewports go to sleep after a long render

    That is strange, never happened to my Max (2012 and 2013) and I have reinstalled them many times through these years and on several machines.
    Although my viewports go to black sometimes when while working in Max I start up a game, then when I exit from the game they would be black.
    And I have all the latest updates and service packs installed.

    Hope you solve your problem.

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    Default Re: All viewports go to sleep after a long render

    This happens while you continue to work at the computer ? Just to exclude some powersaving or screensaver kicking in causing that viewport blackness ( which would be a known problem with many gfx drivers )
    If your viewports go black while doing CPU heavy stuff, this might be a sign that your powersupply is not up to support the CPU and GPU at the same time. Do you have a powerfull and good (build qualitywise ) enough powersupply in your computer ?

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