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Thread: Wip of Exteriors and interiors. Need suggestions for improvement

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    Default Wip of Exteriors and interiors. Need suggestions for improvement

    Studio/Institution: Personal
    Genre: Other
    Software: 3ds Max, Vray, photoshop

    Exterior green.jpgKitchin.jpgLaung.jpgKids room.jpg

    I made these images with lot of dedication and was very proud of them ( made on a crappy laptop 2gb ram) and thought I will get a decent job. Applied to my dream studio in India. But my application got rejected. They told this is very basic work

    So, now the situation is this I need you fellas to help me to fulfill my dream that is to produce awesome renders and get the job at my dream studio (here in India). I want honest critics from you guys to improve my work.

    Thanks and regards
    Sandeep Singh

    PS: How to add more images in existing Thread??
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    Default Re: Wip of Exteriors and interiors. Need suggestions for improvement

    Hi Sandeep,
    I think you should work a lot on your lighting and materials.
    Lighting: there is a lack of detail in your lighting caused by the rendering setup, I think. Try to go through some profesional archwiz tutorial (there are plenty of them on the market). Work on your understanding of the Irradiance map settings - bad setup can destroy all the light contrast in your scene.
    Vray sun+sky is the best start to work with in the archwiz industry. Try to work with windows vray light portal in interior renderings.

    materials: try to search the web for reference photos (google image search is a miracle). Keep focus on the right scale and high quality of your textures.

    I hope this will help a bit.

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