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Thread: store with irradiance map

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    Default store with irradiance map

    it's first time to question here.
    i don't understand store with irradiance map in the light option.
    all i know is it doesn't store the spectular light and it blurs the shadow.
    does any know what the store with irradiance map does?? can you give me some example?? when should i turn it on??
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    Default Re: store with irradiance map

    "Store with irradiance map - when this option is on and GI calculation is set to Irradiance map V-Ray will calculate the effects of the VRayLight and store them in the irradiance map. The result is that the irradiance map is computed more slowly but the rendering takes less time. You can also save the irradiance map and reuse it later."


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    Default Re: store with irradiance map

    If you turn on the diagnostic "show samples" option in the Irradiance Mapping options, your render will show the points on the geometry where IM is sampling from. With Store Irradiance map on, you will notice the show samples option will indicate little white dots in the shadow areas cast by the specific light (where normally they do not). In other words, the shadows are "baked" in to the IM solution. This is why they appear more blurry and less accurate, but will render faster. I while back I thought that this setting made the shadow subdivsions of the light irrelevant, but in actual fact they still affect the shadow quality calculated by the IM (according to what Vlado on Chaos said). I tend to use this setting on large area lights, where shadow quality is not noticeable. That setting can be a real time saver


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