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Thread: 3ds max closed, can someone HELP ME?

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    Post 3ds max closed, can someone HELP ME?

    I have a problem with my 3d when I render a scenario with much vegetation outside, the program closes. has this happened to anyone?

    can someone help me?

    3dsmax 2010
    v-ray adv. 1.5 SP4
    CPU RAM 24 GB

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    Default Re: 3ds max closed, can someone HELP ME?

    I don't think there's enough information to offer anything definitive on this:

    Are you using proxies for the vegetation?
    Is there displacement in the scene?
    What are your settings?
    Is it closing when you render or at what point does it close?
    Are there any messages returned?
    Are you monitoring the RAM if this occurs during a render?
    Post some screen caps etc. and I'm sure you may get some better advice.

    Good luck.

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