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Thread: Unwrap maps loading into scene maps problem

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    Default Unwrap maps loading into scene maps problem

    To see what I mean more clearly see the attached jpegs.

    1st: Unwrap dialog
    Forum Q - Unwrap dialog.jpg

    This shows maps that are associated with the unwrap modifier.

    2nd: Those maps then appear in the scene materials in the material/map browser.
    Forum Q - map browser.jpg

    I can manually go and click remove on each of the maps in the unwrap dialog or click reset texture list which doesn't work 100% of the time. And then they no longer are in the scene material window.

    So I was wondering why it does this as I would not need those sub-maps in the scene materials window, thus cluttering it up. See maps like checker pattern, UnwrapChecker, edge 1 etc

    Maybe a script is available to clean up maps associated with the unwrap modifier much quicker than going into every unwrap modifier and resetting or removing the maps?

    Thanks in advance.
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