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Thread: Vray sketchup Matching output with sketchup

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    Exclamation Vray sketchup Matching output with sketchup

    Hi Guys:

    I make some renders in Vray for sketchup 2015 and I need the output lines to match the renders. I have the views but when I export from sketchup the white and black lines is not the same angle or match the render that I already have. I need to export the views in white to mount later in Photoshop. Any Idea of what I have to do from sketchup to match the views? I don't want to re-redner all again.

    Thank you. Any help I appreciate. Gonzalo.

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    Are you using the "match photo" tool? If so, there are issues that have been covered at length regarding this.

    Short answer, it's likely you will not be able to get the perspective in your render and the sketchup model to match if you are using the match photo tool.

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    In the Vray render options, click the button "Get view aspect" and render your Vray render to the desired width or height (crop it to the desired aspect ratio in post), then set your SketchUp view to the style you would like and go to Export 2D graphic and set the resolution the same as your Vray render.

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