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Thread: Resize images in Photoshop

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    Default Resize images in Photoshop

    Hello all,

    one of the clients of my company wants to print one of the CGIs we did for him in a large board.

    The original image resolution is 4000x2200 pixels with 300 pixels per inch.

    I do not have the board size. Guessing it will be 6x3m and, if we want to print with a minimum of 150 pixels per inch, we have to render again the scene with 35433x17717 pixels, which sounds crazy for my computer.

    My question is: is it a good idea to render with half that resolution (more or less 18000x9000 pixels) and then resize the image and double the resolution in Photoshop using one of the resample options?

    Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Resize images in Photoshop

    This question has been asked to death. Please use the forum search function in the future. What are the odds that you are going to look at a 6x3 meter picture from 30-40cm? Not very likely. When your print is huge you are going to view it from further away, the dpi does not have to be as high as would be required if printed in a magazine.

    Have a look at these threads. They were some that came up when i typed in "print" in the search box.
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