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Thread: Some Useful Tips On Autocad User Interface

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    Post Some Useful Tips On Autocad User Interface

    The following autocad article provides some useful autocad tips to maintain the standard workspace.

    Tricks for AutoCAD user interface - Learn how to deactivate the ribbon and produce a minimum workspace:

    1. Give command RIBBONCLOSE
    2. Give command MENUBAR 1
    3. Select the Tools menu > Toolbars > AutoCAD > Layers
    4. Select the Tools menu > Toolbars > AutoCAD > Properties
    5. Lots other can be included as per requirements
    6. Dock the toolbars at the top of the drawing area
    7. Give command MENUBAR 0
    8. Click the Workspace button and Save Current As ..., label it “Minimal” or whatever

    Read More:

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    Default Re: Some Useful Tips On Autocad User Interface

    thank you for sharing, I need

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