Hello everyone to my first post

I just found your page by a google query about a spline problem in 3dsm and stumbled across the thread "Some lines disappear when converting to editable poly". There was only one answer from the thread creator himself with a way that isn't exactly the solution to the problem but a work around. As I'm quite sure that I know what the problem is and therefore what the solution would be, I was looking for a way to contribute my solution to the thread. BUT the thread was closed (not sure if "closed" was the exact expression used) so I couldn't add a reply.

It might be good to add some possibility to still being able to contribute to a thread even if it's closed. Maybe by adding a comments section. You could even disable it generally and only activate it for closed threads.
This way, other people with the same problem as described in the thread wouldn't have to undergo the workaround AND the understanding of the real problem would also be given if someone who knows the solution better could still contribute to the thread.

All the best from Switzerland ,