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    Red face Shadow Study

    I am a bit of a newbie.....
    I would like to produce something like the attached image using MR in 3DS max. But I need to make a few for the whole day.

    So one building has to have a specifically coloured shadow, which sits underneath the other "normal" shadow colour. Can I do this with 2 materials?

    I also want the general light to be the same (quite bright) in all the images if I do them across the whole day. If I use a daylight system do I need to turn of the exposure control for this effect?
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    Something that comes to my mind could be to use the exclude options on the lights.
    So you select your main light and exclude only the target objet you want blue shadows.
    Then use a second light with blue tinted shadows and exclude everything but the object you want to use the blue shadows.
    Other way could be paint in photoshop.
    Hope this help.
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    I think you can use potoshop for do it

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