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Thread: Five Story Apartment

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    Jeff Adams
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    Default Five Story Apartment

    Studio/Institution: Jeff Adams Freelance
    Genre: Residential Exterior
    Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray, Photoshop

    Greetings all,

    This is the first project I've done for a client in a few years after taking a break. The project is already finished and the client is happy. Thought I'd come on here and see what things might be improved. I tried a few new things with this one such has modeling the roof tile instead of using displacement and displacing the brick to give that a little more contrast. On thing I know needs improved is the mask around the building, but it was a rush job and the client wasn't particular about that.

    Any critiques are much appreciated.


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    Jayden Storace
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    Default Re: Five Story Apartment

    Hi Jeff,

    I don't consider myself an ArchViz guru, so I'll keep my crits a bit more general.
    First is figures, I always find a scene without people in it is a little bit desolate. My personal favourite is the black transparent silhouette.
    Second is the sky, it looks a little like the render is incomplete, so adding a sky image would really help a lot!
    And lastly is the styles. You've super imposed the render over a photo, that is, the real with the unreal. Try get some consistency, perhaps just do basic form models for context builds and roads & just render them white or some neutral colour for a bit of stylistic consistency! Modelling the roads and basic cubes for context buildings doesn't take long & will save you from trying to get the render on the same angle as the photo. Additionally, it will also give you the freedom to render from whichever angle you want!

    Hope this helps!

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    Andreas Bjorshol
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    Default Re: Five Story Apartment

    I'm no expert, but I have a couple of thoughts.

    The most apparent thing to me is the visibly repeating patterns in the color vatiation of the brick texture.

    Also, I agree with what Jayden said about concistency, and I think modeling a very simple environment would help. For example, a ramp or stairs leading down to (what looks like) the entrance on the left side of the building would make the building seem like more of a part of the environment.

    I would probably get rid of the saturation/color of the reflections in the windows if the sky is going to stay white - unless you are adding a matching sky in the background. Again, consistency.

    Hope that helps!

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