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Thread: Strange light circles

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    Default Strange light circles

    Hi everyone.. im having trouble with some strange light circles in my render on 3dsmax 2016.

    im using mental ray with FG and GI, a daylight system with a mr sun set on manual, mr sky portal and some free lights...

    so far ive tried different things but i cant get it done...

    turned off the mr sun

    increased the FG quality and more spots appeared(when in draft mode, i had two spots, in low mode like twenty..)

    all materials are arch&design and they have 64 glossy samples, with ambient occlusion at 64 samples..

    also, yesterday i tried something and in order to see the results faster i rendered in the lowest resolution(320x240), and they disappeared...

    Attachment 55219

    and now i set the FG to high and there are thousands of them........

    any suggestions???


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    Default Re: Strange light circles

    Turning your samples up should fix the circles.
    Also take a look at your Final Gather settings:
    -Initial FG point density
    -Rays per FG Point

    Then making sure your Noise Filtering is set to standard will also help smooth out the lighting in your scene.

    let us know how it goes!
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    Default Re: Strange light circles

    Those hanging light have a light inside? if so you should exclude the glass from the inside, those circle could be the light passing through that glass and geometry of the lamp.

    You could use a fake light inside with a self-illuminated material and place the light right under the lamp or place the light inside but exclude the glass.

    When using FG you have three main controls, the number of samples, how much you use those samples and how they interpolate each other.

    Usually, the interpolation will eliminate all those 'light circles'.
    as an example, if you use 100 samples, then interpolate @ 70 or more, but never interpolate more than your number of samples. The drawback of much interpolation is that you lose detail is soft shadows. If for any reason you need much interpolation you can use the A/O build in the Arch&design Material.
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