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Thread: Modern Living Room

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    thijs velsen
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    Default Modern Living Room

    Studio/Institution: lekker thuis
    Genre: Residential Interior
    Software: 3ds max vray

    Hey guys my new render, hope you can give me your thoughts about it!

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    Andreas Bjorshol
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    Default Re: Modern Living Room

    I'm new to archviz, but thought I could share some thoughts. Parts of this image is working very well, I think. The chairs, floor and flowers are looking good in my opinion, and I like the brightness of the room.

    For some reason, the lighting on the table is looking a bit strange, almost like it is floating - could have something to do with the way the sunlight is hitting the floor and the angle of the light hitting the sofa. This would suggest that the light would not illuminate the leftmost table leg the way it does in your image.

    The reflections in the glass doors would not be nearly as strong as they are looking here, as the brightness of the exterior in daytime would kill any clearly visible reflections coming from anything on the inside. Maybe only the very strongest specular hightlights would be visible in this case? Hope that makes sense.

    Also, I think the sofa might be obstructing what could be an interesting part of the image, and it almost seems like it was placed like that intentionally to cover up an empty scene. A coffee table and some items in the shelves would go a long way to making the image complete.

    Hope that helps!

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