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Thread: Why is my Mental Ray Fog so Dark?

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    Default Why is my Mental Ray Fog so Dark?


    I'm finally trying out the "fog" atmosphere effect in Mental Ray and can't figure out why a white fog looks 50% grey in my scene.

    Light: MR Sun (part of Daylight system)
    Environment Map: mr Physical Sky
    Atmosphere effect: Fog (regular)
    Logarithmic Exposure Control: Active
    Fog Parameters:
    - Color set to WHITE
    No color map or opacity map
    "Exponential" box unchecked.

    Here is a WIP scene:


    Any insights? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Why is my Mental Ray Fog so Dark?

    Not in my machine now, but if you want to create distant fog with Mental Ray I would recommend to give a try to aerial perspective. This work much better for that type of effect.
    Also maybe your problem is the exponential exposure, try to use MRay exposure or photographic exposure instead.
    Exponential will clamp brightness and may be creating that effect on your fog.
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