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Thread: Living Room Critique

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    Default Living Room Critique

    Studio/Institution: Michael
    Genre: Residential Interior
    Software: 3DS Max, VRay, Photoshop

    Hi there,

    I'm currently working on a residential property and would love some feedback on this render of the front room.

    Any advice on the areas I could improve on, or any areas that you feel let the scene down?

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Living Room Critique

    Try rotating the camera to its right, then pan the view left to keep this framing. That will flatten out the second vanishing point. Currently its making harsh trapezoids. The perspective will stretch on the left, which will be fine with a window.
    Ernest Burden III
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    Andreas Bjorshol
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    Default Re: Living Room Critique

    Looking good! I'm especially liking the floor and the skirting going around the room.

    The pillows on the couch might be a bit too similar in shape... could use a bit more variation there. The back of the sofa also has some noticeable tiling, and the texture on the outside of the fireplace seems like it's stretched or scaled too big.

    Hope that helps!

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