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Thread: odd alpha problem

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    farhad falizi
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    Default odd alpha problem

    hello my friends
    when i composite my alpha pass in my rgb i have this problem!!!!
    any soloution? tnx
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    Default Re: odd alpha problem

    Please use the search function on the forum before posting. It is on the top right corner of the page. Most problems you will encounter have been covered many times over on this forum. When typing "alpha problem" in the search box, this thread was number four on the list of results. The answers you are looking for is in that thread. Most people will be pretty provoked by people posting questions that they could easily google themselves. Anyway, since this is your first post, i am inclined to help you out. Here is the link to the other thread: http://forums.cgarchitect.com/82499-...ing-image.html

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