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Thread: Wip - House integration

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    Default Wip - House integration

    Studio/Institution: Architecture
    Website: http://-
    Client: Dourakis House
    Genre: Residential Exterior
    Software: Sketchup - Vray - Photoshop

    Good day everybody,

    A friend of mine and I are lucky enough to be doing a transformation on an existing house. we are basically adding an extra floor. The house is for a the dad and his kid.

    Goal: First I wanted to do an integration of the the house, since it is a transformation and not a full new house. I tough it was important to see the future dwelling in his actual context.(since in Montreal,Canada, it is more often row houses then individual houses). and the vegetation around this one is great. I also am not 3d vegetaion friendly yet (never did it)

    This is a 1 of 3 set. The next one will be frontal and closer to the building to have a better feeling of the details. And then it will be the interior renders (my first full rendered project)

    Since it is a a WIP here are my own crits and questions

    1) I have no idea how to properly blend the colors from the render and the actual photo( the original photo is down there too). So there is clearly something off

    2) I have difficulty cutting of and properly masking the hedges and tree. so the masking is pretty harsh sometime. I will take more time soon to precise this. My technique for the moment to seperate the sky from the trees is color range - mask - pass with an overlay brush to make it totaly black and white.

    3) I might go retake the base picture, sun was too bright was hard to take smooth photo, what do u think is it worht it or should i just photoshop the whole thing?

    4) For the integration I took photo myself with a tripod and then match them in sketchup, is there a better way then the match photo from SU?



    Other views
    1701-frontal.jpg 1701-front-porch.jpg

    Photographic inspirations
    download (3).jpg
    download (7).jpg

    I will be updating as I go

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    Default Re: Wip - House integration

    Here are the other exterior views.


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