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Thread: forest pack to populate balconies with plants

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    Default forest pack to populate balconies with plants

    Hello chaps,

    I am strugling in forest pack to find a way to populate balconies with some plants, example, I have 38 balconies but when I try to scatter or paint the objects just on a couple of balconies I can see the cloud point meshes, the others are completly empty even if I play with scale and density, any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: forest pack to populate balconies with plants

    First, check the camera visibility option. By default, Forrest will display on the viewport only what your camera can see.
    Then you to terrain I think and check the levels of population, by default, this is disabled but take a look and play with the setting to force to populate in different levels.
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    Default Re: forest pack to populate balconies with plants

    Are the balconies the same mesh? And are they located above each other? If so you should set distribution to UV instead of XY under the surface tab. With XY only the top ones will get any forest objects applied to it, but if you use UV every surface will get objects scattered.

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