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Thread: Corona render, exclude object from the GI

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    Default Corona render, exclude object from the GI

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick one about Corona render which I consider very powerful but few tools are missing from my point of view.
    One of these,but maybe I am wrong and I hope so, is that there is no way to exclude an object from the GI, I remember you could do it in Mr and Vray but I am not finding anything like this in Corona, do you know if it's possible and how do it?



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    Default Re: Corona render, exclude object from the GI

    I'm even less aware of the technicals in renderers today than I used to was, so this is largely a guess, but...

    The old GI was a separate pre-process. A way to bounce light around the scene before rendering.
    The new rendering is all at one go. The bouncing is part of the rendering.

    As such, to prevent GI is to prevent rendering. So "turn off 'renderable' in the object properties". Like that will help ;-).

    But what's that prepass for in Corona then, smarty pants? Um... I don't know.

    BUT... What about the Corona Ray Switch Material? Seems to work just fine. I just used a flat black material for the GI slot.
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