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Thread: New Ryzen Build - MB & RAM Reccomendations

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    Default New Ryzen Build - MB & RAM Reccomendations

    Hey yall,
    Ready to build a new rig based on a Ryzen 1700. Would like to hear how your builds have gone using various AM4 motherboards. I'm shooting for 32GB(2x16) as close to 3200 as I can get and of course want to get the highest OC I can out of the 1700.

    I've been looking at the +/-$150 x370 boards. Trying to figure out highest overclocker and compatible 32GB(2x16) RAM.....with least amount of RMA's.

    Main use of build is as render node for vray & corona. If it turns out to be a real screamer, I may use as workstation and turn current workstation into node(5820k)....in that case I'll be using 2 GPU's, a GTX 770 & 1070. Will aslo plan on adding a M.2 drives in the future.

    Not interested in hear-say...would really love to hear from people with actual experience with their own builds. Trying to get my choices all lined up for black friday sales.

    Thanks yall!

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    Default Re: New Ryzen Build - MB & RAM Reccomendations

    Crickets are chirping on this thread....

    Anyway...nevermind - after spending too much time trying to figure out what RAM is going to work with which Ryzen motherboard....I heard about Intel's new chip.. My new I7-8700k just arrived friday. I'm waiting until black friday to cyber monday sales to finish ordering the rest of the parts for the build..

    Reckon I'll start a new 8700k build thread now... Sorry Ryzen....we were so close....

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