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Thread: Blender as main 3d software: a viable option ?

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    Default Re: Blender as main 3d software: a viable option ?

    Thanks Paolo,
    also you should know that those are my projects as i`m an architect , and the videos are a one man effort .
    I cut a lot of corners for those and with a bit more effort and a bit more time the results could be better.
    If you are doing archviz as the main line of work it could be a different story.
    The main advantage for Blender and i repeat that... is stability with huge, i mean really complex scenes .....i was amazed of how things are much easier in Blender from that point of view than in Max
    Also the installer is 180-200 mb so the program is light it works even if you don`t wanna instal just copy it.
    I`ve also used a few time max since mainly to open and save old scenes and it seems the same for me .

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    Default Re: Blender as main 3d software: a viable option ?

    In terms of Blender you should ask these questions to a proper Blenderforum like Blenderartist or Blendernation...they have websites with forum and a Facebook page. There must be good C4D pages as well...

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    Default Re: Blender as main 3d software: a viable option ?

    I just stumbled across this post so sorry if I'm coming in late.

    I currently use Blender & Cycles for Arch Viz after using Max & Vray for many years.
    I will retire soon and I just don't want to pay for Autodesk anymore. Change is good.

    I am convinced that Blender works just as well as Max. The interface is weird, but if you go with it very easy to use with some clever tools.
    The Blender community is young and energetic just like the Max community used to be.

    The problem is Cycles not Blender. Cycles is painfully slow even with all the speed-up ideas people have. GPU is much faster but Vray still kicks Cycles butt any day of the week. Cycles is very easy to use and looks wonderful.

    The good news is that embree is on the way for Cycles. This might change the balance.

    I made the switch. No going back.

    Hope this helps.
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