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Thread: Lumion 8 is here

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    Default Lumion 8 is here

    Lumion is not the really high end image render, but with Lumion 8 it has got a lot closer. I'm looking forward to working with from now on. The amount of objects it can handle are amazing. It renders so fast that any changes to a project are never a problem. I know it can't beat Vray for quality, but it's ease of use and speed makes it great for day to day project imaging. I can produce 20 or more images in Lumion for the time it takes to render 1 Vray image. I have found that if you want art, Vray is the way to go, but if you want images to explain a project, Lumion can't be beaten.

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    Default Re: Lumion 8 is here

    I agree. Lumion has made great leaps with each version. 8.0 was awesome, more realistic and intuitive. It is an unbeatable software for the work that is proposed. Any freelancer can render great videos on their own desktop.

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