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Thread: Virtual Reality Tour software

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    Default Virtual Reality Tour software

    Hi there,

    I have been struggling to find a software which I could use to create VR tour and see it through the VR glasses. Mainly I will be using mobile VR glasses for presentations
    There are so many online apps for 360 panoramic tours. I use 3ds max and V-ray 3.6.
    I have rendered my last image using the following settings:

    Camera: stereo cube image 6:1
    output file: 18432x1536
    Image aspect: 12.0

    What do I do next? which software can i use to export files to and create a tour.

    I bought Oculus Rift yesterday but I am returning it back. So inconvenient to travel with the kit to the client and also I was shocked with the image quality. I thought it would be as good as on the laptop screen but instead its blurry, fuzzy and I could still see the pixels etc...

    I would appreciate any help
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Virtual Reality Tour software

    There is a reason for there being so many tools to choose from, and it is because almost all of them offer something a little different from one another. You will want to nail down your specific needs to make a good choice:

    Are your models originating in Max, or are you bringing them into Max from another software?

    What is your anticipated volume of VR tours per month?

    Do you expect cellular or wifi data access on site, or do the tours need to be offline capable?

    Even when you answer these questions, there will likely still be some options to sort through. I used irisVR Scope for a long time while it was in beta, but when it moved out of beta I found it to be too expensive. I feel I would need to be doing at least 2 or 3 VR tours a month to justify the cost, but it is the most comprehensive mobile VR tour solution I have found.

    Today though, I am using Enscape for all of my mobile VR tours. I use Enscape for many other rendering tasks, including Oculus VR tours and I just started testing with the Samsung HMD Odessey which is a little better resolution so less "screen door effect" or SDE, also significantly easier to tote around and set up as there are no external sensors. Enscape does much more as well to justify the cost, but it will really only be of value if your models are starting in Revit, SketchUp, or Rhino until they add support for more software.

    There is a high probability that there is an app based solution that will fit your needs at low cost if offline access is top priority.
    Ben Steinert

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