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Thread: PC STATION for rendering - VRAY 3.60 + SKETCHUP 2017

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    Default PC STATION for rendering - VRAY 3.60 + SKETCHUP 2017

    Hi there, I would like to build a PC station for a photorealistic visualisation for architecture pusporse. I dont need a bombshell PC station like they use in hollywood but a reasonable one.

    I would like to have an opinion on an older workstation HP Workstation Z800
    parameters: 2x Intel Six-Core Xeon X5650 6x 2.66GHz, 32GB RAM, 128GB SSD, NVIDIA QUADRO 4000 2 GB GDDR5/DVI-I Dual Link/DisplayPort, 1TB HDD.

    Is it still reliable for high-end rendering, or the components are way too old (but still powerfull) for new applications such in openGL support or so?

    Thanks for your info.
    Michal S.

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    Default Re: PC STATION for rendering - VRAY 3.60 + SKETCHUP 2017

    Sounds like quite a capable machine for your needs. The SSD drive is quite small but you can always replace this as your needs grow, just be aware you will need to reinstall your whole system/drivers if so.

    The ram will do for most situations as Vray handles ram pretty well. You will need more ram if you plan on doing large scenes eventually, my advice is test this as you go, if you need more RAM I would purchase more instead of optimizing your scene as the cost can outweigh the process in man hours + quality.
    James Vella
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