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Thread: How much to charge?

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    Default Re: How much to charge?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeenawillson View Post
    ...it would be reasonable to set average price on the market, say, $300 - $400 and then just negotiate with clients.
    What's this 'on-topic' stuff?

    Rates have been asked/discussed many times in this forum, so search for those. Rendering rates are exactly what you can get a client to pay. They go up and down with a host of factors. The most important one is what you need/are willing to work for.

    If rendering is your full-time job, what would you want to be paid annually? Is it a $30K/yr. job, or $130K? That gives you an idea of how much you need to net per month. Add your expenses/costs of business/taxes. Figure out how much of your available work time is billable, vs. overhead. You do not bill for building PCs or learning vray settings. Now you have an idea of how many hours are billable per month. And... therefor how much you have to bill per month to have the job you think your need and your skills would fetch if working for someone else. I say month to even out the workload--one crazy on-deadline week may bring in a lot of money followed by a crickets-in-your-soul week of no work. That's freelancing.

    All that's left is figuring out how long it will take you to deliver that kitchen rendering, or set of room views. If two weeks, then you need to charge at minimum half your monthly gross number. More if you think the market will bear it. And then hope that the second half of the month is busy, too. If not, you need to factor in more downtime as fewer billable hours per month.

    Freelancing is tough.
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    Default Re: How much to charge?

    Materials are very nice, but some people would definitely help the image. Also a lot of glare there dont know whether its post production or not but perhaps try to lower the contrast a bit. But yeah some people doing interesting things would make these images special - at the piano and walking through the lobby etc - try to tell a story in your images if you can. But overall nothing wrong in your ability, whether you can make a decent living out of archvis is another matter, can you do it on the side whilst working at something else?

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