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Hi Ian,

Why don't you try Bootcamp? I ran it on my macbook pro for several years and it seemed to work fine. The issue with Parallels is it has to load in the mac operating system and then has to load in the Windows OS on top of it. If you run bootcamp it just seems to run as a PC.

Best, Tom
Thank you, Tom. I was going to write on here yesterday but I had little time to do so. Anyway, I actually did what you suggested last weekend. I installed a trial of Windows 10 via Bootcamp and installed 3DS Max. So far, so good. All seems to be running a lot smoother than before. I haven't pushed it yet so I don't know how it will perform under heavy load, but my recent tests have been positive. Thank you so much for the suggestion and I hope things are going well up there in the English winter.