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Thread: Need some feedback on this

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    Default Need some feedback on this

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    Hi there

    I'm currently working on a street scene which has 2 new properties on it. I am in need of some feedback as i just think its not to the level i want it to be at and would love some advice on where i am going wrong in the image.

    Any advice on the areas I could improve on, or any areas that you feel let the scene down?



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    Default Re: Need some feedback on this

    It feels very life-like, natural. But it also looks like an amateur photo. I think the problem lies in the composition and the choice of sun angle.
    If your client is hellbent on a day shot then I'd swing the sun around to the left more, give your subject a lit side and a shaded side. It will punctuate the geometry of the building better. Can you lose some hedge?
    If you are permitted, make it a dusk shot. Blue and orange, blue and orange, blue and orange.....
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