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Thread: Rhino Vs. Sketchup?

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    Default Rhino Vs. Sketchup?

    Hi all,

    I'm at the moment trying to decide if I should use Sketchup or Rhino for visualisation. Both programs are perfectly capable, however I'm just looking for some perspectives on why some people may choose one over the other.

    Thanks, Jayden

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    Default Re: Rhino Vs. Sketchup?

    Rhino can do parametric design and parametric architecture easily, while Sketchup is not really able to create "crazy" designs (unless you have installed a couple of plugins). If you are into product design or challenging, contemporary architecture Rhino should be your choice, if you are an architect and you like to keep it simple, choose a good BIM-software (Archicad or Revit) and if you want a simple modelling software go with Sketchup. Sketchup is also for free, while BIM-Software or Modelling-Softwares aren't.
    In my opinion it's a matter of profession and not really of taste.

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    Default Re: Rhino Vs. Sketchup?

    Like Johannes stated, it depends on the type of stuff your using it for.
    When I was a student in Architecture school we all used Rhino+vray for visuals, mainly because we needed software that could quickly handle the wild and crazy designs we were exploring.
    But after graduating and having to model buildings more grounded in the real world Sketchup, did just fine. I work a lot with interior designers who all use Sketchup so it's a pretty common program to know. Now once you get into things like BIM models for construction drawings we use Revit. But we don't really use Revit for visuals besides a quick basic hidden line perspective. We use sketchup for simple visuals to get the idea across. Then for the highly detailed photo real renderings we use Max and Vray. So again it depends on what your using it for.
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