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Thread: Window Reflections of Sky are black...

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    Default Window Reflections of Sky are black...

    Hi forum..

    Im rendering in Vray for Rhino.
    My windows are reflecting the sky as black. Other reflections are working.
    Glass is using the standard vismat 'clear_glass Architectural'.
    Sky is a bitmap in the environment refraction / background layer.
    Sun is on.

    Any ideas what i might be doing wrong?

    (Is it best to do sky this way, or better to use a skydome? The sunlighting is most important for me - can you still use the sun with the dome?)

    Thanks people!

    Window reflection error.JPG

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    Default Re: Window Reflections of Sky are black...

    Maybe the brightness of the bitmap in environment is too low for the reflection to be visible.

    In general it is the best to use light-Dome with HDRI/EXR map inside for reflections, but if you want to keep this setting, try to multiply the output of the bitmap in environment. I think just setting the multiplier in environment won't help, I didn't use it for a long time

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