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    CML16GX3M2A1600C10 have this memory 2x8GB, asus x79 motherboard and I have 6 more slots free for more memory. Is it possible to take more memory but like 4x4GB and put it together with this one, or I have to use same? What should I look for?

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    Mixing RAM normally is not a good idea, especially different sizes/models. It can work, but there is no guaranty. If you already have it, just try it (arranging them in pairs - look into the manual).
    If you need to buy new RAM you should try to buy the same 2x8GB again. But even if you get the same modules again, they can contain different chips and it's possible that they don't work together. I had this problem when i was upgrading from 4x 8GB to 8x 8GB (on x99) so maybe a bit more critical with 8x8GB and maybe a bit more vdimm could have fixed it, but i didn't have the time to experiment and ended up buying 4x16GB. Ok this was two years ago when RAM was cheap...

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