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Thread: Blurry reflections with denoiser

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    Default Blurry reflections with denoiser


    I can see the response rate is quite low but I'm still hoping to get an answer

    How do you deal with blurry reflections after using denoiser? For example, you render a scene that contains a mirror and after denoising the mirror reflections goes blurry. It looks very unrealistic and it's my never ending dilemma whether to save with denoiser and blurry reflection or to save without denoiser at all.

    Is there any way to overcome this while rendering? Or do you have some post-production tips and tricks to clear a reflection?


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    Default Re: Blurry reflections with denoiser

    Well, that's one of the drawbacks of using denoiser, it smooth or blurry the areas to make them look cleaner, it is an interpolation so yea, there will be lost of details.
    When I use denoiser I always save it as a separate pass, then in photoshop I adjust it as need it.

    Not sure what's your scene setup but maybe you are actually lacking on better lighting. You should not push too far the denoiser, it is great for review images, but for finals, it will be always better to let the image cook a little longer to get the best results.
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    Default Re: Blurry reflections with denoiser

    What Francisco says, I also use Topaz Denoiser - amazing photoshop plugin that does a great job of denoising
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