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Thread: Starting as a visualizer. Help please!

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    Lightbulb Starting as a visualizer. Help please!

    Hey guys, I've been reading a lot of your posts before ask for your help.

    I must start saying that I have no background on Architecture or Interior desing. However, I've been working on a Architecture and Engineering office for 2 years. I'm 20 years old and Im from Venezuela.

    Recently the company closed, so now I can to dedicate my time to get in the world of Arch Viz. I gained experience while working on this small company,
    I was part of a team of 3 architects, I was in charge of the visualization of every single project, which gave me a lot of experience on moddeling, drawing architectural planes and, of course, rendering. However, there were just a few occasions when I had time to make a photorealistic visualization. The other times, eventhought I always worked serveral hours to get a better result every time, the priority was to show the client the renderings very quick, because the clients did not need to see something totally photorealistic, they were comfortable with what they saw.

    Now that I'm on my own, Im fixing my old projects to upload an acceptable portfolio.

    So I would appretiate a lot if you can answer some questions for me, you that are currently working on this industry.

    #1) The software I currently use is ACAD + SketchUp + Vray + Basic PS. So…
    Which course – online academy – youtube channel – Can you guys recommend me to learn 3ds Max + Vray (or corona), Ph post-production, etc.?

    #2) This is the first forum I join, so...
    Which sites should I join to Upload my portfolio? I was cheking Behance and artstation. And Im verified on Easy Render too.

    #3) What you think about working on a Studio or Working Freelance? I know I must get a lot more experience, and an architecture or design degree to get a good job, but is it completely needed?

    #4) Some of you still work with SketchUp? Is it still used by some artists?
    All my projects are on SketchUp, I dont know if refresh them using SketchUp or export them to 3Ds Max, So I can start learning.

    As I said before, Im from Venezuela, this year Im going to emigrate, probably to Chile. Right now my coutry is going trought a very hard situation, so afford a good computer is nearly impossible, or pay for an online course. Im going to emigrate to afford online education, and get a better computer.

    So, In the mean time, I can only use this pc and learn from the free content I can get until I can afford it. (Soon) Laptop Specs: Dell Latitude E5430, i5 332M CPU 2.60GHZ, 12 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000. (Very slow, I know) ☹

    Sorry for this long post, guys, im confused and need your help.

    Thank you for taking part of your time to read and answer this, much appretiated.

    Here I leave you some of my renders.










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    Default Re: Starting as a visualizer. Help please!

    1. I used Lynda.com: https://www.lynda.com/?utm_medium=di...n=url-redirect they are really good for learning software and post productions but also of course studying tutorials etc and get a good book the best one I have found is:

    2. Best getting a website of your own, and Facebook/LinkedIn page etc

    3. You don't need an architectural degree. Freelance is very difficult even with lots of skill but offices are also long hours and little pay. If I was wanting to get into the field I would be aiming for film animation or gaming work these days as archviz is a shrinking market full of very cheap artists you cant compete with unless you are extremley dedicated and very very good. If you are getting into archviz you will probably need to do it on the side as well as a normal job for many years before you even think of going freelance. Of course architect is a good career to try for but long training and expensive for the job you get at the end. Possibly learn Revit and become an architectural technologist first that would get you employed?

    4. Sketchup is more for architects because its simple, archvis is practically all done on Max now but you can learn the basics on Blender which is free. At the end of the day its the quality of the image that countsnot how you did it unless you want to work in an archvis office in which case Max is the only way to go.

    Another thought - you could specialise in 3d character animation, lighting, or environments, etc and get into gaming or film that way - plenty of need for good artists in those fields I believe.

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