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Thread: vray light pixels

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    Default vray light pixels

    hello everyone, this is my new render i have done. i am using 3ds max 2017 + vray 3.4, as you can see in my render the vray light in the shelfs get pixelate, i tried using guessvert but it dint helped, any other solution ? thanks
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    Default Re: vray light pixels

    The lights in the shelves get pixelated because of the huge difference in intensity between the light and the geometry around it. Guessvert has nothing to do with this.

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    Default Re: vray light pixels

    So as mentioned by Nicolai, the antialiasing will always have hard time refining areas of hard light difference, remember that VRay is also working on 32 Bits so there is more lighting information that you can see, but VRay has to refine that.
    Also since this is CG images, compared to real life we will never see that hard edge, our eyes will show a soft transition or glow in that area if we photograph that image we will get the glow and bloom and maybe flare on those very bright areas.
    To "fix' that you can apply glow in post-production to all those areas, even in the windows, you can also increase the antialiasing( it will make your render slower) you can also use the clamp option mix with a hard color mapping, such Reinhard to 0.3 or so, that will help your antialiasing to refine more.
    Finally, a good way to manage this area is to use the bloom and glow build in effect in VRay so you get a real-world reaction to those very bright areas.
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