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Thread: Need Help with a powerful laptop

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    Default need help selecting a new laptop

    Hi all,

    I am currently looking for a new laptop to purchase for 3D Modeling / Rendering.
    I just recently sold my Alienware with i7-7700 / 1070GTX / 32GB Ram.
    My only complaint that it looked too bulky and was way too heavy which was the reason why I sold it. I would like to have something that is more portable / lightweight, possible look a lot sleeker, doesn't have to necessarily be that high spec'd.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: need help selecting a new laptop

    Well, sadly powerful and sleek doesn't go together. If you want something that can run everything, it won't be sleek. If you want something sleek then you need to do some compromises.
    At my office, we got this MSI to test, and so far it seems to be working pretty good. Not sure how long it will last, because it is brand new design, you could find similar made by, Boxx, or Dell and other.
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    Default Re: need help selecting a new laptop

    This is the slimmest "gaming" laptop I have used and currently own (20mm thick) working fantastic still to date - Gigabyte Aero15:

    Sadly it cannot use more than 32gb of ram, I would be looking at something that can handle 64gb at a minimum these days personally. Its on par with the specs of the machine you just sold so might be worth waiting a few months to see what else hits the market.
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    Default Re: need help selecting a new laptop

    I personnally have a gigabyte P35X v3 with gtx 980m 8gb of gpu ram and 16 gb of system ram. I use it since 3 years I think and I never had any problems. I work on it all the time as I love being able to work anywhere, I just have another desktop computer with 2 gtx 1080ti's for rendering batches of images.

    I would buy the same laptop today if I had to get a new one (but with updated specs of course) but I'm not sure they make that model anymore.

    Small and powerfull is possible. You just have to be ok with the fact that the times you render on your laptop, you will have a 'small hairdryer sound' that starts along with it. It ends almost immediately after I finish my render so it's ok for me but I know some people hate that.
    Personnally I use thearender with gpu rendering so I need the most ram I can get on the gtx.

    You could also look for one with thunderbolt that accepts an external gpu, that could be a way to go. Small and lightweight for on the go but possibility to hook up with more power.

    It really depends on your use and what softwares you want to use on it.

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