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Thread: Dark stains on light materials Mental Ray

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    Default Dark stains on light materials Mental Ray


    I use 3ds Max for quite a short time. I have problem with rendering light flat surfaces in my scene - there are dark stains on ligh flat surfaces. I took rendering setting and lights from my previous colleague - as you can see in prtscns. I use 3ds max mostly for rendering basic exterior scenes and I need the rendering to be as quick as possible with sufficient quality.

    I would be vary glad to get some advice. As I've written, I am beginner, trying to learn more by myself, step by step.

    If you need more info about my settings, please write here.

    Thank you very much.
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    Default Re: Dark stains on light materials Mental Ray

    That looks to me like you are using pre-saved GI maps from another scene.
    You can save the Gi calculated for a specific scene in the case of animations, this way you can speed up the render. But this only work per scene scenario and only if none of the objects are moving.
    In your case I can see tree shadows where there are not trees and also strange geometry, maybe some geometry that is missing or it was never there.
    I would recommend to just, reset all your rendering settings, start from default, adjust your exposure and fix from there.
    You should not just copy someone else setting because these vary from scene to scene, there are some basics that can stay but depending of your materials, illumination, camera view, objects and everything else you will have to adjust your GI setting for your scene.

    I am pretty sure that with default you should get better images than what you have now.
    Let us know how it goes.
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