Hi Fellow 3Dsmax Users,

We have a problem of lagging viewports while modeling and navigating in 3dsmax and in some occasions a complete freeze all of a suddon without recovering.

Network Setup :
We have a network of about 10 pc's all the pc's are connected to a nas to get the assets and projects from.

Problem :
2 of these pc's are encountering lag from each other if one of the 2 is turned off the other will work without Lag and vice versa.

PC that are being affected:

PC 1:
Amd threadripper 1950X
1060gtx 6gb
512gb ssd

PC 2:
i7 4770k
760gtx 2gb
256gb ssd

Windows 10 pro
3dsmax 2015 sp4
Corona 1.7 hotfix2
itooforest 5.0

Is there anyone who's encountering this issue.

Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Senior 3D Artist at Mooneye