Hello. I am new to the forum but am an architect with lots of Revit experience and enough Max experience to know that I would like more. I have one hang up that has kept me from using it on a regular basis. I have searched the forum as well as the web; sorry if this has been asked and answered.

I've linked a Revit 2017 FBX file to a 2017 Max scene and replaced Revit brick with Max brick in the material editor (Multi/Sub-Object materials). When rendered it looks great.

The problem I am having is when I go back and edit the Revit model and re-link it, any wall that is moved or added reverts or shows up as the Revit material. The walls that are unchanged keep the Max material as expected. My hope is that once I have redefined or modified a material in Max that came in with Revit, any edited or new elements in Revit would retain or have the Max version of the material.

I am "Combining by Revit Material" and have both "Keep 3ds Max scene materials parameters on reload" and "Keep 3ds Max scene materials assignments on reload" checked.