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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone, I really need help. The file they sent to me last week was in latest version, kindly please let me know how can i convert it to lower version which is 2014 same what i am using now .... please help me. thank you
  2. Hi All, I am new to 3dsmax and vray i want know how to creat a light box as attached please give me the solution.
  4. Hi I have problem with vray. I want to enlighten the scene on the roof of my building. I've used the vray sun. But it doesn't look properly. As you can see I have something grey on the sky and it ruins my renders. I've tried everything to make it better. I've deleted the light and put it again. But everytime is the same. Maybe you know some other way to enlight this scene except using vray sun or how to use another enviroment map with this light. Please help me.
  5. Hi and apologies if this has already been answered on previous posts. I have an animated camera that moves very slowly over a short distance within my scene (3D Max and Vray) and am wondering if I can use the zdepth pass to create DOF in AE? I am unsure how this works as the Zdepth seems to only be for one frame and not for the camera path. (Do I need to render out multiple Zdepth pass's - can you even do that?) If anyone can share their knowledge with me on this or point me to a tutorial it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi All I need your on the following PC configuration which I'm planning to buy for my 3D max Architectural Visualizations & Animations. Configurations: Software I'm using: 3D Max 2012 Vray 2.0 Adobe CS5 Production Premium Maya 2012 Lumion 2.5 Pro What do you all thing about this configuration of the PC for the work I'm doing and for the software I'm using. Your comments are welcome Thanks, Angelo.
  7. Hi Guys I wondered if anyone can provide some advice on a problem i have in Studio max 2012. I have modelled an iris diaphragm for a robotic eye, and I have animated all of the sections to open and close within the standard animated way, but I wondered if somebody knew how i can set up a command tool to view and select within viewport that i can then select and move up and down and the iris opens and closes as this is a lot easier once my robot is in full animation. Appreciate any suggestions. Cheers Mac
  8. Hi everyone, I'm using 3d max 2011 + Vray 2.0 I'm using Vray sun/Vray sky for my scene, everything looked pretty good to me so far, but once few materials applied, all my scene was suddenly over bright, the color and textures are washed out and I get those blue-ish shadows all over the image. [ATTACH]47531[/ATTACH] Can anyone please help me on this ? Thanks
  9. Studio/Institution: munovstudio Client: munovstudio Genre: Office Interior Software: 3ds max 2009 | Photoshop cs3 | Lightroom 2 Website: http://www.coroflot.com/munov Description: This is a design plan from my office, the concept of natural and exposed .. still learning .. criticisms and suggestions please
  10. Studio/Institution: design international Client: aksal groupe Genre: Other Software: 3d Max V-ray Photoshop Website: http://www.gonzaloprades.com Description: Hi all, here you are a view of one of my last visualisations. The concept was to bring the ocean that is visible inside the office, the result is quite futuristic and effective. Any comments welcome. Gonzalo
  11. Studio/Institution: Digital Construction Limited. Client: Form 3 Architect. Genre: Retail Interior Software: 3d Studio Max, Photoshop Description: Motel at Sent Martin Island Bangladesh
  12. Check out our site http://vraylibrary.com/ We have an ever growing database of free V-Ray Materials for 3D Max. Download our Sample Scene and Upload your own custom Materials. Rate and comment on your favorite Materials!
  13. Studio/Institution: proarq Client: jnema architec Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: autocad, 3d max,vue, photoshop Website: http://www.proarq.3a2.com/ Description: social project,from jnema architec
  14. Studio/Institution: Independent Designer Client: EDGARDO MARINKOVIC Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D MAX-VRAY Website: http://edgardomarinkovic.carbonmade.com/ Description: I designed this house last year at my parents request. It's located in a small town in Chile.
  15. Studio/Institution: 3D Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D max VRay Photoshop Website: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/kupfer Description: China Style ....My early work
  16. Studio/Institution: Scotty Valentine Design + Visualisation Genre: Residential Exterior Software: Revit, 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Photoshop Website: http://www.scottyvalentine.com Description: Hello All, I'm i the process of starting my own visualisation studio, here's a sample of my work. Comments welcomed. Cheers Scotty Valentine
  17. Hi, I´m new in the forum. I´m very happy to join this community, is very interesting. i have learnt some 3d softwares to[ATTACH=CONFIG]37231[/ATTACH] i hav done Professional Diploma in 3d Animation & Visual Effects and in some days I wanna start to learn V-Ray. i think best way for learning is with Videotutorials or pdf`s bt OF THE RIGHT AUTHORS OR SITES. IF someone knows some page or some books with videos focus to V-Ray for 3ds Max...I´ll apreciate that. Thanks.....!
  18. Hi everyone. I m an architect.. and long time ago i was use to do the modeling in autoCAD, but as max is very powerful and user friendly i stick to the poly modeling. But from a long time i am looking for a simple thing which I don't know (is it really there in max? or its me who is unaware of it?) so please help me as I think this must be useful to a lots of people. now the question.. we know that when we "shift+move" any edge from any poly surface-- we got... i mean u know what happens. Now can we stretch that edge by this method till a particular distance?? I mean if we want an edge at exact 6" away.. how can we input the value of that 6". cause its very important to we architects to do those kind of things with distances. so pleas help me if there any way for this. If any questions about my question ... ;-) please shoot. thanks in advance
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