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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! On many websites providing 3d models, I sometimes see some models with the brand's name in title/description. So I wonder how this works out. Do the modellers always contact the manufacturer and ask for allowance for themselves to model the product and sell on a 3d models website? or in general is there a specific regulation about this issue? Thanks in advance.
  2. I really need guidance on what computer type & Spec and what programs I should use for a new position. I will be working in a design studio creating visualizations of interior layouts/scenes and of one-off furniture. Working mostly with interior designers and furniture manufacturers. To date I have been working as a residential architect drawing mostly in AutoCAD and only dabbling in the arch viz. I have used Sketch-up for my 3D modelling and a VRay plugin (sometimes using vizualizer) for my renders. The computer I am currently using has struggled while producing renders i.e. freezing and taking a long time. I have being using Windows although I am open to change. System Model HP Notebook Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Processor Intel® Core™ i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2901 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) I have been asked for my equipment wishlist from my new employer and I am a little lost currently and I need guidance. I plan on continuing to use AutoCAD for my technical drawings and shop drawings of furniture but I am willing to learn new programs for my 3D Modelling and Render. I would be sincerely grateful for a little guidance from those more experienced in the Arch Viz field and Interior Design field. Thanks a million in advance and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance, Colin
  3. Hey everyone! Just joined up on the site and excited to participate in the forums! I'm a 3D artist, motion media designer and environment designer in Boulder, Colorado. Cheers! -Alex http://www.alpine-digital.com
  4. I'm looking to buy a building (home, office building, etc.) model that has all the support pieces including studs, beams, floor boards, piping, electrical, etc. Where can I find something like that?
  5. Hi, everybody! A month ago we've started 3d model search engine. Its like a Google, but only for 3d models. http://3dmdb.com/ - 3d model database. Soon we'll add filters by price/format and search by pictures and by topology/profile/shape. What else is necessary for your opinion? Would be great to get any feedback from you. Thanks.
  6. Hi all. I'd like to introduce my new 3d model search engine. http://3dmdb.com - 3d model database. I've indexed all 3d shops. Isn't it? Do you know other ones?
  7. Hello everyone! I just present the website where I put my download 3D models ! Mainly dedicated to architectural visualizations , many of them are free and its quality photorealistic ! Go and take a look ! 3Dgoodplace.com I hope you will enjoy! Attached Images
  8. Hi All There is a new Chrome app called 3DView. 3DView has some simple geometry manipulation, measurement and file sharing capabilities with no limitations. It's also integrated with Chrome and instantly opens all 3D models you download from the web. Chrome Webstore Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/3dview/hhngciknjebkeffhafnaodkfidcdlcao I hope it will be helpful for you. Please don't hesitate to provide any feedback. It is very much appreciated. Regards Dmitry
  9. Hello. Today i want to share a new 3d model. DOWNLOAD HERE
  10. Hello: there is another 3d model that i want to share. I hope you like it. DOWNLOAD HERE
  11. Hello, today i want to share a 3d model of a hig-poly chair for the yard or balcony. You can Download HERE
  12. Hello, Today i want to share another 3d furniture model, this model contains textures also. DOWNLOAD HERE
  13. Hello Everyone: Today, i want to to share a new set of models. DOWNLOAD HERE I hope you like them. B.R
  14. Studio/Institution: Aleso3d Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max Website: http://www.aleso3d.com Description: hello i would like to share some renders that i did with some 3d models that i have created based in the eames furniture, i did a night version and a daylight, i hope you liked and if want to know more and also download the models click here
  15. Hey i am sharing premium 3d models in my site, if you want you can check it out, this is one of the 3d models: The models has differents formats: max/vray - fbx, obj, 3ds click to download
  16. Modelling 1. Meshsmooth only the selected faces by un-checking the 'apply to entire mesh' box in the options. 2. If you use Non-uniform scaling (scaling in less than all 3 axes at the same time) on a model it will cause distortion problems when animating, however non-uniform scaling within a sub-object mode will not cause the same problems. 3. When in Edit Poly or Mesh, hitting 1,2,3,4 etc will cycle through the sub-object selections, and when in edit poly hiting 6 will take you out of the subobject mode. Also, Ctrl + B will cycle in/out of sub object mode. 4. Alt+X = See-though or X-Ray mode 5. To rotate around a particular vertex, select your object (or set of sub-objects) lock the selection, choose either or from the drop down list, turn on vertex snap and rotate it all by clicking on the vertex you wish as the pivot. (CLICK HERE for more tips and trick free 3d models all3dmodel.com) 6. When in sub-poly mode, creating your own keyboard shortcuts can save oodles of time. Rather than scrolling up and down looking for "connect" and "target weld". Just assign "ALT-C" and "ALT-W" for example. 7.When modelling things at odd angles, (ie, arms, hands, feet etc) it helps to create an instance of the object, straighten it out and work on that instead. 8. Pressing + and - changes the size of the transform gizmo. 9. A sub-object selection in Edit Poly can be transfered over to another one by holding down Ctrl and clicking another mode button in the modifiy panel selection rollout. This is particularly good for the 'Ring' and 'Loop' commands in edge mode of edit poly. Alternatively selecting the edges/verts .etc around and area (in effect, selecting a perimeter) and holding Shift whilst clicking a different selection mode will transfer over only the parts within the perimeter of the original selection. 10. The FFD modifier is a good tool for deforming meshes, its can be applied to a single mesh or multiple meshes simultaneously. 11. In later versions of max, hitting Ctrl+Backspace will remove both the edge and the vertex when in edge subobject mode. 12.Holding down CTRL when creating a a sphere, cylinder, teapot, etc. will allow you to rotate as you create. Holdings down CTRL when creating a box, pyramid, plane, etc. will create an object with even length/width. 13. When modeling wrinkles, folds, etc, on a curved surface, instead of moving your row of edges on 1 axis, convert the selection to Vertex (Ctrl + Click Vertex button under the stack) and switch your coordinate system to Local. Now, moving the slection on the Z axis will move them perpendicularly to the surface. Alternatively you can use the 'Normal' constraint found in the edit poly modify panel for the same effect although this is only in later versions of max. 14. Modifiers such as Push and Noise can be applied to a soft selection on the previous modifier so their 'strength' varies accordingly. 15. To stop an object turning grey when freezing it, uncheck the 'show frozen in grey' in the object's porperties window. 16. Some spinner values that are limited can have that limitation overridden. But ONLY if they are animatable. Create a key in Track View for that parameter and edit its value there. Now you can Relax by a negative amount or Spherify more than 100%.
  17. i am new to MicroStation, but have been using AutoCad for 20 years. i am to the point in a 3D model that i need to cut sections and place on a sheet. i have been using the Place Fitted Section Command and this is working good, but when i do this my sections are color filled. i want my visualization to be hidden lines. Also, i thought the best way to cut these sections would be in the model and create saved views and then reference the model into my sheet drawing and used the saved views. Is this the best way? Can anyone give me some direction. thanks, Clifton
  18. I am trying to fill a few kitchen scenes with some high-quality stuff that will make it look a little better. I cannot for the life of me find any kind of scene filler (is that what it's called?) for kitchens! I am willing to pay big bucks if it is good enough but I can't seem to find anything. I just need some good pots, pans, plates, cups, stools and maybe some good looking food (like fruit). Only I need a lot of variety. Utensils would be nice too. Does anybody know a really good quality place to get this from. (I tried evermotion but they seem to be lacking in this area and turbosquid makes me want to rip out my hair sometimes!) Thanks a million! PS is there any place better or comparable to evermotion's archinteriors and archmodels?
  19. Hello... I've been trying to work out how to make a 3D model in 3DS, if I'm given the floor plans and elevations of a building (let's assume a 2-storey house). I have AutoCAD 2006 and Max 2008. I've been trying to: 1) in AutoCAD trace the walls from the TOP view 2) in AutoCAD trace the side views from FRONT/LEFT/etc view 3) bring the splines into 3DS using File -> File Link Manager 4) I've tried and tried to connect the corner verts and the move the floor plans to the proper height but it just isn't working I feel it requires the side views have perfect alignment (which isn't difficult, just time consuming). I think what's throwing me off are the views of the angled roof - it's "confusing" me. I'd like to perfect a work flow for both situations (with and without an AutoCAD file handed to me from the home builder or Architect - without would be hard copy). Can someone point out where I'm going wrong and offer some tips please? Thanking you...
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