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Found 22 results

  1. Please i am using 3ds max 2016, with vray 3.6, but i dont have a vray physical camera. I will need a link where i can add the camera to my software
  2. Hi there, I have been struggling to find a software which I could use to create VR tour and see it through the VR glasses. Mainly I will be using mobile VR glasses for presentations There are so many online apps for 360 panoramic tours. I use 3ds max and V-ray 3.6. I have rendered my last image using the following settings: Camera: stereo cube image 6:1 output file: 18432x1536 Image aspect: 12.0 What do I do next? which software can i use to export files to and create a tour. I bought Oculus Rift yesterday but I am returning it back. So inconvenient to travel with the kit to the client and also I was shocked with the image quality. I thought it would be as good as on the laptop screen but instead its blurry, fuzzy and I could still see the pixels etc... I would appreciate any help Thank you Daniel
  3. Hi all this is my first post. I want to need help to create this glass material. Thanks in advanced.
  4. Please i need help in generating a mesh, using loft tool in max2016. the shape generates to the vertical, instead of the horrizontal. Rotating the vertical to horrizontal doesnt give the desired shape. Both the path line and shape line are drawn in top view
  5. I am having a problem, when i try to use vray 3.60 hybrid feature. My scene renders but it is dark. The operation is so fast, without anything showing. i need help
  6. I tried to extract a box from my wall to create an opening, using the proboolean tool, but it didnt work. I am using 3ds max 2016, and all tthe probooolean options are set at default. the box disappeared without creating an opening.
  7. Hello guys, we recently moved from multiscatter to forestpack in our studio. As our scenes are quite big in scale, we usually have a lot of different types of scatter in one scene. With multiscatter there used to be an option which would let you select all the root distributed objects under one scatter to save as a library. We cant seem to find any such asset collection option under forestpack. Can someone throw some light on this? Would be highly helpfull! Thanks!!
  9. Quite new to ANIMA, and have a very perticular query. We have a large animation scene where we are using anima to populate people in motion. There are a lot of levels and blockades though, and the paths end abruptly in a lot of places in the scene. Is there any way of making the rigged people reverse on a path rather than just disappear? Or how are others going around such issues where the end of paths are visible in the animation sequence? Any help would be highly appreciated! Cheers
  10. Hello. I'm a 3d student and I stumbled upon a problem in one of my projects. I was modeling when suddenly random shadows started appearing and i couldn't select the right edges or vertexes or the character would just disappear from my viewport. I think i did a Reset Xform but i cant remember if that was the cause or not. Im gonna leave some screenshots of the problem. Random shadows: Cant select the right edges:
  11. Hell to everyone! I am dealing with a very strange issue in v-ray 3.40.01 in 3ds max 2016. I want to render an interior bedroom i made but when i am trying to render the full frame i get noise everywhere. The funny part is that when i am trying to render a small selected region of the image the noise disappears and everything seem fine, but when i render the whole scene the noise is back. It seems to my eyes that it's like vray cant finish the render so when i select a small region it is easier to render it. Any ideas what to do, or what might be the problem? Thank you!
  12. hi, Am using 3ds max 2016, v-ray 3.20.03, it was working fine before, i re-installed it today and am getting black screen while rendering. i used the same file which i worked on before re installing v- ray but still am facing the same problem please help
  13. Hi everyone, I'm rendering an exterior view and want to show a photo as the background image. I expected the background image to stay the same as it was, however it becomes quite dark and there's a glowing spot in the render image. Please see attached file. Note that the sun in the scene is actually behind the house, to the left. So I don't know why in the render image, there's a glow in the right hand corner. I'm using 3ds Max 2016 and Vray Adv 3.20.02. How to get rid of that glow? Any advice is much appreciated.
  14. hi, when i render my interior scene applying material only to floor, it get reflected to entire scene. Please help. thank you. i use vray sun and after that i add vray sky environment.but when i add material to floor i think my sky environment get disabled , i change the sky intensity and render , there is no change.
  15. Hi there, Not new to the forum, but first time asking questions... I work rendering corporate events, and they bought some fairly new and advanced Desktops a while ago, (5820k, Titan x, Widnows 7, 64 GB RAM), but I have run into some problems. One the problems that annoy me the most, is that one 3ds Max installations in particular (the other workstations work fine in that regard) deletes the layers when I hide them. When I click the yellow light bulb, the layer, the lightbulb and the geometry disappear, and the only way to get them back is undoing hiding the layer, so layer managment is pretty difficult. Tried uninstalling it and installing it again. Searched forums, etc, and didn't find anything, so I decided to ask here. Anybody knows what might be causing this? Thank you for your time!
  16. Hello all, I'm trying to get some sort of ambient occlusion into my mirror material. I'm currently only lighting my scene with 1 omni light which is only for ambient Light and also have mr sun and sky. Is there any way to do this in a separate pass? This is what im getting currently. (Its a spherical, so just rotate the image to see the mirror) http://cghdemos.azurewebsites.net/Bathroom1/Bathroom.html Thanks in advance
  17. Hello, Just wanted to get some opinions on my new workstation im planing on building. I only use mental ray with 3ds max so graphics card isn't as important to me as the cpu power. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/7WwVqs Let me know your thoughts.
  18. Studio/Institution: kaiserbold Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3ds Max 2016, Vray 3.3 Website: http://kaiserbold.com/ Description: Hi all, we would like to present you our ongoing project inspired by some beautiful images from interior stylist Emily Henson. The attached moodboard is excellent example how playing with colours and patterns can create authentic and original interiors. So, how do you pull off a Bohemian Modern look without creating a mess? Currently we are so hooked on it that you can expect more hippie images of "this & that" style. Enjoy and write what do you think https://www.behance.net/kaiserbold https://www.facebook.com/kaiserbold/
  19. Or it would be better to continue in English Hi guys, I´m representing a small architectural visualization firm from Germany. kaiserbold is a label in the field of 3D visualization and architecture. Our aim ist to create photorealistic images that can reach exactly the same aesthetic, elegance and beauty, like traditional photography earlier. To find out more about out work, please visit our Behance page or follow us on Facebook for more info. https://www.behance.net/kaiserbold https://www.facebook.com/kaiserbold/
  20. Hello, I was wondering what Books and Tutorials you's would recommend for a person looking to develop skills in Architectural Visualisation in 3ds Max with Vray. Proficient in Sketchup but being a graduate urban designer currently looking for a job i am interested in improving my skillset. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, M
  21. Hello, I was wondering if anyone new how to fix an issue I'm having with the image below? I have tried everything I can think of, but I cannot get rid of the blotchy reflection. I would love some help on this, if anyone knows a way to fix my problem. Thanks (Sorry for the sideways picture)
  22. Hi I created a dome light with hdri map and rendered the scene and everything was ok. Then I added a sun for getting better shadows but it didn't change the lightning at all ! I even Increased sun Intense. Mult. but it didn't make any difference. I watched alot of tutorials about adding vray sun with hdri sky but I don't know the problem. What could be the problem ?
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